Chi Phi Fraternity

Is here to help out those that need a little extra help. Need help shoveling snow? Clearing your gutters? Contact the Chi Phi Fraternity at:


Recycling in Lincoln

With the cities recent adjustments to what’s allowed in our trash and recycling, we wanted to provide you with some guidance.

Homeowner Recycling Guide

New Homeowners Recycling and Waste Guide

Recycling Guidelines by Material

What about my....

Car? Kids? Pets? Home? Health? Safety? Recreation? Government? Whether that's road closures, licensing your pet, or checking hours for the pool or library, the Residents section of Lincoln's website is a great place to get local information. 

see something? say something.

UPLNK is a free app hosted on the SeeClickFix platform. Use it to report non-emergency quality-of-life issues within the Lincoln City limits, such as streetlight problems, downed tree limbs, potholes or park maintenance issues. There is an option to upload a photo with each service request. You can also use the app to access various City databases.

UPLNK should not be used for emergencies. 

DOn't forget county resources!

Lancaster County and the City of Lincoln jointly run some agencies, like Building & Safety and the Health Department. Lancaster County offers online resources like Property Assessment information, the Election Commission, and the County Clerk. 

want local resources for your phone or tablet?

The City of Lincoln created MyLNK. A phone app for iOS and Android devices. This free app is ad-free and provides a quick directory of local resources. Support includes: employment, food, personal needs, transportation, housing, and much more. 

Visit the iTunes Store or Google Play Store for your free download.